Mixed Media Monday – Shrines

What a time I have had trying to complete this challenge. For some reason my muse doesn’t seem to be around. I wonder if I’ve buried her amongst all the stuff in my new studio (ex DD’s bedroom)?  I have started and restarted my piece and nothing seemed t0 please me.  I have done lots of shrines and niches and I even have a nicho that I could have altered – but that seemed to simple!  Finally I have completed something – and just in the nick of time!

My piece is made from a tiny mint tin which is about 3×1.5 inches or 7.5×4 cms approx.  I painted the tin with Lumiere paint and lined it with a matching paper.  I used one of my gorgeous little vintage bisque dolls, some German scrap pieces and a few other little baubles to eomplete the piece.

I had trouble getting a decent photo of it, but you get the idea 🙂


Welcome –

to my new blog. I have decided to start a new, fresh blog in line with Mixed Media Monday going monthly, so here I am 🙂  Some of my past art can be found in the galleries (a work in progress).  Thanks for visiting!